Tune in to your habits.

Habit.fm helps you track the big and little things and become an inspired, organized person. Being able to visualize your habits gives you a strong sense of satisfaction to prove to yourself that you are taking daily steps toward what you want most in life.

Flexible habit timings

Schedule habits to occur every day or on specific days. Track habits you need to perform multiple times in a single day.

Track partial completion of habits

Some days you can’t get it all done, and that’s OK. Just record what you have managed to get through. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Add notes to habits

Didn’t manage to check something off? It’s great to have some insights into why, so you can see the patterns over time.

Always synced across all devices

There is nothing worse than losing years worth of data and insights into yourself that you have lovingly collected every single day. Never lose your data again.

Extensive roadmap

You spoke, we listened. Things take time to build, so stick with us and you will get all this and much much more!

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